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Crew to Captain

A mission of Community Sailing New Orleans is to empower the youth through sailing. Crew to Captain is a Maritime Career Development Program that is designed for high school students to find potential pathways to careers in the local maritime industry. Over three years, students will learn to sail and work towards their instructor certification while learning valuable professional skills and being introduced to opportunities for post-high school graduation.

Program Objectives

  • Instill a passion of being on the water to promote interest in maritime related careers.

  • Teach students basic job skills such as communication, responsibility, and professionalism.

  • Provide academic support that helps students succeed and graduate high school.


10th grade students can apply for the school year of 2020 -2021 Crew to Captain by sending in a cover letter with a brief bio and why this program peaks their interest to [email protected]

Youth Sailing Classes


Tuesdays from 3:30 pm until 6:30 pm

  • Start Date: September 8

Girls Rock the Boat

Sailing isn’t just a sport; it’s a life-changing experience that builds self-confidence, leadership skills, and strength. In an all-female identifying environment, girls experience empowerment with progressive skill-building. In each session, students lead, communicate, and learn from their peers while learning the fundamentals of the sport of sailing.

Ages: 14 – 18

Program Objectives

  • Foster an environment for young women to build confidence.

  • Provide a pathway for equal access to sailing opportunities.

  • Cultivate positive female role models and mentors in the sport of sailing.


Thursdays from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm

March 31
April 7 & 28
May 5 & 12

Courses may be rescheduled due to Covid restrictions. If a course is rescheduled and you cannot attend the new date, a refund will be issued.

Girls Sailing Classes


5 per session


$32/ person

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STEM & Environmental Science Program

Our STEM and Environmental Science Program offers all students an equal platform for learning. Through active participation in science and sailing curriculum, students develop their self-confidence and appreciation of the natural world; improve their scientific and mathematical understanding of sailing while increasing their comfort with the local aquatic environment. Critical thinking skills are enhanced as students work through real-world environmental challenges faced by residents in the greater New Orleans area.

Program Objectives

  • Reinforce school lessons and teachings through hands-on STEM activities.

  • Create stewards of Lake Pontchartrain and our surrounding environment.

  • Promote academic success and explore career opportunities in the maritime field.

Child learning sailing technique


Classroom groups can be scheduled on-site or off-site programs Monday – Friday

Call our office 504.233.3292 for more details and scheduling.


What about girls and women?2020-06-22T19:07:19-05:00

Giving girls and women opportunities is an important priority – a great activity to be tackled on equal footing.

What about high school racing teams and high schoolers who just want to learn to sail – the recreational, not competitive side of things?2020-10-21T16:48:46-05:00

There are three primary interfaces between high school age sailors and sailing institutions – racing teams, learn to sail programs and boat chartering.

The area yacht clubs have a long and impressive history of not only supporting specific high school racing teams but in subsidizing their activities through charging fees that are meaningfully below cost. That is a wonderful tradition that works well. At least for the foreseeable future, we will leave subsidizing specific high school racing teams to the yacht clubs.

However, as it has done for two years already, CSNOI will support high school racing through chartering needed boats to the annual national-level Great Oaks Regatta.

On the learn to sail and recreational (not competitive) side, high school age sailors (coming to us through our local partners or individually) will participate in the CSNOI learn to sail programs and in CSNOI’s track for those who are interested in becoming future instructors.

Are STEM & environmental education presented in a professional educator’s fashion and to national standards?2020-06-22T19:03:30-05:00

US Sailing’s educator designed modular Reach (STEM & environmental education) Program is currently implemented in over 400 sailing programs nationwide. It will be tailored to us and overseen by a collaboration including Tulane’s K-12 STEM Program, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Loyola’s Environmental Communications Department and US Sailing.

How does it benefit youth sailors – are there meaningful life benefits?2020-06-22T19:01:32-05:00

As to youth sailors, particularly those never exposed to boating and the Lake, the benefits include developing independence and self-confidence, as well as communication and teamwork skills. It takes time and effort, all focused on a productive activity, and opens aspects of the world and our community that can expand their horizons.

Over the last decade, structured STEM and Environmental Education programs have become embedded in these programs across the country. Our delivery of those US Sailing curricula will be coordinated through a collaboration already established with Tulane, Loyola and the Lake Pontchartrain basin Foundation.

Who benefits and how many?2020-07-28T15:27:24-05:00

Structured to serve more than 1,200 people per year, the Community Sailing Center’s purpose is to open the Lake and sailing to the whole population of our area, with a particular focus on those who have not had that opportunity previously – inner-city youth (typically middle school ages), people of all ages with disabilities and adults precluded by the economic obstacles.

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