This project began in 2010 and has progressed through a series of important steps since then – corporation formed, 501(c)(3) status granted, long term site lease finalized and fundraising commenced. The timing of opening the Community Sailing Center and presenting programs is tied to the restoration of Municipal Yacht Harbor. In 2016 the City settled the Katrina FEMA claim, hired design professionals and started down the path toward rebuilding the harbor - the target date for reopening the harbor in the last quarter of 2019.

Our project has three phases:

  • Phase I
    Build out the site, obtain safety boats and dinghies. That allows for college and high school racing, as they bring their own coaches and no Sailing Center staff is required. Completed in 2018.

  • Phase II
    Purchase 8 keelboats (the workhorses of the youth, adaptive and adult programs) – 20’ range and sailed from the 8 slips rented from the City as part of the lease; purchase two more powerboats and 10 small single person dinghies (for younger children – the youth programs generally being in the middle school range of ages); placement of temporary buildings; and establishing the cash reserves necessary to operate the business on a sound and sustainable footing, thus allowing for the hiring of the permanent staff (augmented by temporary instructors – many of whom will come from the colleges).

    The key goals are to raise the necessary funds in 2019 and open all of the community programs in 2020, after acquiring the additional boats and temporary mobile buildings and hiring staff.

  • Phase III
    Permanent building. To be pursued after Phase II is operational.