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The Home of Tulane Sailing

Community Sailing Center New Orleans is proud to be the home of Tulane University’s sailing team. The team has seen phenomenal progress over the past two years and is nationally ranked in both co-ed and women’s teams. In the spring of 2021, CSNOI will co-sponsor the intercollegiate college sailing national championships.

CSNOI looks forward to developing strong relationships with other local colleges through providing physical education courses, partnerships that grow our community, and boats for their club teams.

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What are the plans as to colleges generally?2020-06-22T19:16:48-05:00

Each college sailing team (whether varsity or club) will pay an annual fee for boat and facility use, coordinated by our Executive Director. Tulane is in place, we are working to expand that to the other area universities.

How does Tulane fit in?2020-06-22T19:16:56-05:00

Tulane does not own the boats or the facility and does not hold the lease. Instead, they pay an annual fee to use the CSNOI facility and boats. When they wish, they bring their own “Angry Wave” sails. But, Tulane is more than the Sailing Team – they also bring the K-12 STEM Program, a pool of temporary instructors and support for the community programs – a strong synergy.

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