To positively impact lives by providing accessible educational and recreational opportunities on Lake Pontchartrain for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.


CSNO shall enhance the Greater New Orleans community by utilizing the sport of sailing as a platform to develop independence and self-confidence, improve communication, foster teamwork and acquire deep respect of the marine environment.


Inclusiveness: CSNO believes everyone should have access to the waters of Lake Pontchartrain regardless of age, background or ability. 

Safety: CSNO actively pursues safety as the highest priority in all activities and programs. 

Stewardship: CSNO builds connections between students, the greater community, and a sustainable natural environment.

Experiential Learning: CSNOI engages students through inquiry-based learning and delivers dynamic STEM and environmental education.

Collaboration: CSNO seeks to complement existing resources available in the community and collaborate with local agencies and partners to increase impact